"This course will transform your life both on and off the field."

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How great would it feel?

How great would it feel to play like you did years ago? To have boundless energy and easily recover from the physical demands placed upon you from pitching, running, sliding, quickly changing direction over and over again? 

What if you can turn back the clock?

Better Recovery & Resiliency

Say good bye to fatigue, soreness and lengthy recovery time from games and tournaments.  Learn how to manage and mitigate nagging "injuries" without pills and treatments. Build resistance to injury re-occurance.  Relieve chronic pain.

Increased Energy & Endurance

Your work in this course will open up movement capabilities and unlock new or lost efficiencies, translating to an astounding increase in energy and endurance. 


kopitzke baseball

Improved Baseball Performance 

The training in this course will directly impact your baseball skills - throwing, hitting, fielding, pitching and base running. Not only will you regain some of the skills you’ve lost, you may add abilities you've never had. 

" The Reclaim Your Game Program is like no online training I've ever seen. It's interactive in that Dan always monitors my progress. We communicate after each module. The feedback is positive and corrective, if needed, to ensure my mind is right with the intention of the module and the objective. "

Cliff M


Movement Efficiency => Reduced Stress => Faster Recovery

When you improve the efficiency and fluidity of your movements, you are essentially reducing the amount of stress you place on your system. This leads to faster recovery, allowing you to do more work and  develop more skill. 

You'll learn the most effective and efficient methods to achieve a higher level of performance.

Practical vs Functional

The term 'functional training' has been a buzz word in the fitness industry for a while, but what is 'practical training'?  Practical training has practical value. There is direct carryover to our daily lives. 

You'll identify practical applications for everything you do.

“Dan has changed my life as a baseball player. I have increased my velocity and movement quality, I have become stronger, more powerful, more knowledgeable and an all around better pitcher”   Trent Fennell

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Dramatically improve the most basic skill in the game... 

There are more throws than swings, catches or any other skill displayed on the field yet it’s essentially taken for granted by all except pitchers. You'll learn and incorporate proven methods to regain much of your lost velocity while improving your command beyond any level you’ve demonstrated.

If you are experiencing pain while throwing, you will learn how to reduce and even eliminate it. Even if you just hit now, you may develop a new appreciation and joy in throwing a baseball.

In addition to movements, drills, exercises and workouts needed to turn back the clock, this program demonstrates proven methods that will allow you to develop skills faster than ever before. Backed by research, science and years of application, the methods inside this course can be used for skills covering your entire game and extend well beyond the field.

"Last year I played 4 weeks of Fall MSBL tournaments in Arizona and Florida where I pitched 100 innings, played the field when I didn't pitch and collected about 75 at bats. Never sore. Never injured." 

A little about me


I founded and operated The K-Zone Baseball Academy, generating superior baseball athletes for over 15 years (2008-present). I’ve worked with both professional and amateur baseball athletes and was driven by a passion for helping these young men go far beyond the limits they thought they had, both physically and mentally.

I practice what I preach - and the results have been transformational both on and off the field.  At 55 I'm in the best shape of my life. I created this course because I want to share my knowledge and show you that you can be too. 

The skills and practices you will learn are major components of my performance. Follow along with me and reclaim the game you once had and quite possibly the ability to be even better.


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testimonial kopitzke baseball
“ Dan Kopitzke has worked tirelessly with me on improving my strength, throwing and movement quality.  Here I am 18 months later, a pitcher in the Milwaukee Brewers organization and I am seeing 96-98mph in my bullpens and topping 100mph.    
- Self contained modules in an easy to follow format.
- Video, audio and text, demos, workouts, challenges...
- Progress at your own pace
- Learn to self assess your proficiency levels in each skill
- Progression format to guide you toward improving your capabilities and capacities
- Develop high levels of skill in fundamentally simple movements
Enroll now for only $599

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